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11 days Date: Dec 14th @ 2:07am EST
Im want be happy every day! I deserve be happy! I wish every one be happy!
FridayFunDay Date: Dec 12th @ 3:37am EST
I will have everything I dream about! Said "yes" if you believe! (h) Wait you Friday at 3 am EST on my Scheduled show;)
13 days Date: Dec 12th @ 3:35am EST
Omg its not so much time when Christmas say Hello! Im still not ready;) But I will....
15 days Date: Dec 10th @ 2:59am EST
Im have long list for what need do before Christmas. And want be in time. Lets do this together?
16 days Date: Dec 9th @ 2:53am EST
Someone has already put up a Christmas tree, decorated the house, bought gifts. And there I am! Who has done nothing and is waiting for the last day lol
Who is she? Date: Dec 7th @ 3:44am EST
It is all or nothing with my makeup. If I get dressed up, I'll wear foundation, bright blue or bright red lipstick with one of my weird purple wigs...
18 days Date: Dec 7th @ 3:39am EST
Every day closer and closer for Christmas:) Do you wait this special day?
19 days Date: Dec 6th @ 2:09am EST
Christmas so close im hope you ready. I wish you find what you really need.
Another day for love and happiness: Date: Dec 6th @ 2:05am EST
Another day for love and happiness:
Only you can make yourself happy. And then you won't have to blame anyone else... Remember that you can create happiness for don't need another one for that. Be responsible, and you will cease to be dependent, you will cease to be a slave, you will become a master to yourself. You will become strong, you will become free. And no one can do to you what you do not want.
Happy Halloween! Date: Oct 27th @ 7:30am EDT
Invite you at my Scheduled show November 28th at 6am EST time:)
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