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Happy New Year 2020! Date: Jan 1st @ 3:57am EST
Happy New Year 2020! Wish you more love. And happy every day ;)
Merry Christmas! Date: Dec 26th @ 2:16am EST
Wish you be yourself. And never give up. Lets make all your dream true. Happy Christmas!
3 days Date: Dec 22nd @ 2:33am EST
OMG...Only 3 days and Christmas come! Hope you ready get many presents from Miss Santa;)
4 days Date: Dec 21st @ 12:32am EST
Hello! I wish you to achieve your goal today:) It's time to be happy;) What makes you happy today?
Christmas gift Date: Dec 20th @ 6:26am EST
If you want make gift for me on Christmas. Just check Tip Target. I will be so happy!
5 days Date: Dec 20th @ 2:07am EST
Hi:) Wish you Happy Christmas! Soon Magic come:) Hope every dream come true;)
Make me smile:) Date: Dec 19th @ 2:34am EST
Hello everyone! Christmas is coming soon! Time when all desires are fulfilled:) I will be glad of any support in 3 day contest! You can make me reach to fulfill my desires:)
6 days Date: Dec 19th @ 2:28am EST
I always want to believe in miracles. It makes me happy.
9 days Date: Dec 16th @ 2:26am EST
Hey guys! How nice to receive surprises, it makes us so happy. And this feeling when you did something for another person, this is the best thanks to see this happy face:)
10 days Date: Dec 15th @ 2:19am EST
Oh guys! Im still not ready for Christmas lol... Hope you are ready;)
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