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My blogs are private just to my fan club members! I can write dirty fantasies or keep you updated about my life with my blogs.

2021 Date: Jan 3rd @ 3:42am EST
Happy New Year Guys!
Letter for Santa Claus Date: Dec 2nd @ 2:43am EST
Have you written a letter for Santa Claus? Write your most cherished desire, and it will come true:)
October Fan club Date: Sep 25th @ 2:48am EDT
Every one who buy my Fan club get 10 min free pvt. And every week you get another 10 min free.
Storms Date: Jun 24th @ 4:33am EDT
Do not fall in love with people like me. I will take you to museums, and parks, and monuments, and kiss you in every beautiful place, so that you can newer go back to them without tasting me like blo od in your mouth. I will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible. And when I leave you will finally understand, why storms are named after people.�
Bad Im better Date: May 15th @ 2:09am EDT
When Im good, Im very good.
But when Im bad Im better.
Not need thanks to. Date: Apr 30th @ 6:51am EDT
If I can save your life, no thanks to. Just smile. And start a new life with only love in your heart to yourself and your desires.
Woman what you want Date: Apr 6th @ 4:23am EDT
Protect her.
Guider her.
Respect her.
Grow her.
Take care of her.
Treasure her.
Lead her.
Be the man she
needs and she
will be the
woman you want.
what on my mind? Date: Apr 6th @ 4:15am EDT
Give me what Im afraid to ask for...
Make me feel Date: Apr 6th @ 4:06am EDT
Drag me to the dark side and show me what my body was made for.

P.S. secret thoughts ....
You are who are you:) Date: Feb 21st @ 2:40am EST
Once they asked her: " They tell you nasty things, why do you answer good?! "
She replied: "Everyone spends what they have."
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